Friday, September 5

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Arcada, 15:50


I got up and went to work early today, because I had the whole day set aside for finalising my thesis, and I was not entirely sure how long it would take. I set to as soon as I got there, going through the whole thing with Word’s spelling and grammar checkers. I then went through searching for every version of the verb to be that I could think of, and redrafted the offending sentences to remove them. By then it was lunchtime so I paused for some putinjuusto on nakkileippa, with chilled water.

After lunch I remade all the illustrations in Part 3. I didn’t use Irma’s suggestions exactly, but her critique formed the basis of the redesign. Once I was happy with them I inserted them, resized the screenshots in Part 1, and created an index page for the illustrations. Then I printed it out and emailed it to Juha and Stefan.

I made a very later apearance at Rector’s coffee, where I told whoever was still there that I had just, at that very moment, sent off the final version of my doctoral thesis. Now I am walking back and realising how sunny it is outside. I am going to pack up and leave as soon as I can.

The weekend starts here.