Monday, September 8

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Arabianranta, 9:55


Irma got up first this morning, and Naa and I left at about 8:50. I went to K-Market to buy tomatoes for lunch. I already possess the putinjuusto and nakkileipa. I am outside in the continuing second summer looking up at the blue sky thinking, but only for a moment, about the way the Alko seems to have a rush hour in the first hour it opens. People are sitting outside Chico’s with a beer in their hands and the man in the shell suit walking away from me is delivering a box of wine somewhere.

I will spend the morning proof-reading the thesis for a final time, and remaking one of the diagrams that got its captions mixed-up when I remade it last week. Then I will start the detailed planning for Advanced Web Apps that begins tomorrow.

At 15:00 I will have a planning meeting for Omtänk, and at 17:00 a Pixelache board meeting.