Wednesday, September 10

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Outside Aalto, 11:50


Naa went to school this morning, but school didn’t begin until 11:00, so I still left alone. Today the 97 arrived ahead of the 840, and so there were seats. I avoided the rear of the metro and so there were seats there too.

I spent the first part of the morning trying to get Gabriella a working usb stick. By the time I left for Arabia I had still not managed. I met Samir in the Delicafe outside the library at Arabia, and we spent an hour talking about the BagTree project which interests both of us. I had planned to go to Aalto Student Services but they do not open until 12:30, and I need to finish the usb fandango, so I decided to go tomorrow.

Now I am waiting for a tram, looking at the street signs.

I will spend the afternoon with Advanced Web Apps, who will absorb everything I can give them at a speed that will alarm me. By the time we finish we will have covered almost everything I planned to discuss tomorrow, leaving me with a sudden need to plan tomorrow.

I will arrive home planning to paint the rest of the underside of the roof. As soon as I get home I will change my clothes in preparation for this. As soon as I step outside in suitable dress I will feel a few drops of rain. I will stand outside looking up, and by the time I go back in, three minutes later, it will be pouring.

When it is too late to begin painting the rain will stop and Irma will ask me to pump her tyres up so she can go for a cycle ride. I will have a shower while she cycles, and Naa will arrive home from her journalism course. We will wonder where Auo is.