Saturday, September 13

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Garden, 16:00


We got up late and after breakfast I started painting. The weather was perfect and I finished the underside of the roof in less than four hours. Just. Then I cleaned all the brushes and rollers, and here most of them are. The roller is hanging upside-down from the shed door so that it dries fluffy.

Our house is an L-shape and the inside of the L is a patio. The underside of the roof is now white and it makes an astonishing difference. The roof used to loom over us and now it hovers above us, unnoticed.

Soon, Irma will cook, and I will peel onions and squash. We will have a delicious dinner involving some of Vicke’s fish from Pellinki.

Later, after some wine, I will fall asleep on the sofa while Irma and Naa watch Kommisario Lewis, otherwise known as “what happened to Morse after John Thaw died”.

When I look back I will think that sometimes Saturdays are nice, and this was one of them.