Sunday, September 14

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Phoenix Hotel, Copenhagen, 22:00


This morning we had breakfast and I packed my bag. Then I logged into Norwegian’s site and attempted to print my boarding pass. Nothing happened. I attended to the printer and reminded myself of how much I dislike fax machines and printers.

Oh look, its out of ink. I replaced two cartridges. Oh look, the other two cartridges need replacing. I cycled to Prisma to get the other two cartridges (yellow and cyan, fact fans), fitted them, and then discovered that the printer was offline. Or not. My computer couldn’t find it but Irma’s could, and eventually I had a boarding pass. During this process we had been to Plantagen, where there was a 50% off sale, and we also had some new flowers.

At 16:30 I left Naa revising for her exam tomorrow and Irma drove me to the airport. She and Naa impressed upon me the importance of sampling the hotel cosmetics.

Now, after a very pleasant Norwegian flight, I am in the Phoenix Hotel in the centre of Copenhagen and look at the hotel cosmetics. Not the Molton Brown that the website promised, but pretty spiffy anyway. I will go to bed waiting excitedly for breakfast.

Let me rephrase that: I will go to bed faintly excited about the prospect of breakfast.