Friday, September 19

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Outside Arcada, 8:50


Naa stayed at Kamppi last night and Irma is working from home today, so I will eat breakfast silently and alone.

The weather is warm and feels like summer in the sun. I went to Arabia for cheese, and now I am walking back. I stand opposite the treee I use to photograph seasons and photograph an unexpectedly warm autumn day.

I will spend the day with the Advanced Web Apps group, and we will dig into Javascript in more detail than previous years, because we are so far ahead of the planned curriculum. I will spend time getting JSON objects in and out of localStorage, which gives me a way of programming a mobile game-app using the kind of OOPS I like. Each character in the game will be represented by an object, and this gives me a lot of interesting opportunities. I may even actually make a version of the game assignment myself.

At 15:00 I will have a Skype tutorial with Julia, who is doing her courses in Periods 1 and 2 from a village outside Vasa. This is providing Jutta with material for her research.