Saturday, September 20

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Sandholmsudden, 10:45


Last night we went to sleep early and this morning we got up and left like a weekday. As a result we are now in Pellinki for höstmarknad. Irma had phoned earlier in the week to order fish and cakes and vegetables, so we are not worried that we will be too late.

The weather is hot and the sun is out, and it feels like a second summer. We meet everyone we usually meet at the market, and Benita even has some egg sandwiches available. Naa has a traditional hot-dog, while we have egg sandwiches and coffee.

We will spend a couple of hours afterwards in Sundö putting everything in the garden away for the winter, before driving back to Benita’s for her end-of-summer closing down sale. We will stay chatting while Irma makes forays inside to buy the ocntents of Benita’s fridges, as they get cheaper and cheaper. With the car full, we will head back to Sundö to close the house.

At 18:00 we will join in the celebrations for Juhan’s twentieth birthday before heading home for an early supper. Sunshine will be sitting outside waiting for us.

Tonight we will stay up late.