Sunday, September 21

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Home, 17:00


This morning we got up late and had brunch about 13:00. I raked all the leaves from the garden as a form of pre-breakfast exercise.

After beating the carpets and vacuum-cleaning I went for a cycle ride. This usually makes me think about Auo, and today was no different. I decided to do what we would have done and ride down some streets that we had never ridden down before. In doing this I actually found a school whose existence I knew nothing about, as well as a little nest of side roads that were new to me. She used to be delighted if we ever managed to get lost and so, on her behalf, I was delighted too.

We had brought an unused can of paint back from Sundö so, once I got back, I spent the afternoon repainting the fireplace and any other white bits that looked dirty.

Tomorrow is Naa’s birthday, and on Tuesday there will be a public transport strike. Put together this means that we would be wise to celebrate Naa’s birthday tonight, because she will probably spend Monday and maybe Tuesday night at Kamppi, where she can walk to and from school. Naa went for a walk and Irma went to Stockmann to to buy cakes.

It became clear that the weather had completely changed. When they had gone and I looked out of the window, all I could see was autumn.

Now we are all together again and Irma has made celebration smoothies, from Innocent Smoothies, which Auo introduced into the house, and whipped cream. Naa will get her presents, which include a weekend in Parise shopping and sightseeing with Irma, ear-rings, cosmetics and a locket with some of Auo’s hair.

We will eat incredibly rich cakes and be genuinely happy and sad at the same time.