Monday, September 22

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Arcada, 12:00


Today was Role Reversal Day. Irma got up incredibly early and we left later. Irma had a seiminar on a small island a few hundred metres off the shore of Helsinki, and Naa had a late school day.

I had taken a larger bag and when I got to Arcada I checked to see if the Cocoon that Jutta had given me fitted. It did. I am now officially hopster.

I spent the morning looking at videos and reading a book I had collected from the library. I also entered several email conversations about Pixelache and other projects.

Now I am walking back down the corridor with a kettle of water. Tea will be arriving shortly. The autumn light makes the corridor look momentarily impressive. In an hour’s time I will have a Skype tutorial, during which I will look out of the window and notice that it is raining very heavily. An hour later I will look out again and notice that nothing has changed.

At 15:00 it will begin to get dark, while rain continues to drop from the dark clouds. Autumn indeed.

Naa will stay the night at Kamppi. in readiness for tomorrow’s transport strike, and Päivi will come round to give her her birthday present. Irma and Päivi will chat while I read the PG Wodehouse book Naa gave me for my birthday.

There will be so much symmetry that we will go to bed early.