Wednesday, September 24

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Vartiokylantie, 18:30


This morning it was cold again, and I left in winter clothes.

I finished writing a seven thousand word paper for Mats, for our departmental conference next week. It amounted to a twelve inch remix of some of the main themes from Part Two of the thesis. It seemed a lot snappier for having great chunks sawn off it, but in doing that a lot of the detailed supporting argument fell away. It read more like a series of mad assertions than I might have wished.

In the afternoon the Advanced Web Apps group finished block 2 of the course, and everyone in the room managed to get almost everything done. Today was a day where people worked on their own and told me when they had problems or needed help. Those days always leave me with a headache and this was no exception. Just before we finished, thirty minutes late, I managed to get a stubborn piece of php to work, so everyone left happily.

Now I am on my way home, passing autumnal bushes in Vartiokylä. Soon Irma and I will begin packing for tomorrow, and later Naa will arrive home from her journalism course.