Friday, October 3

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Prisma, 18:30


Today was the second day of our internal conference, so I spent most of the day listening to the most interesting bunch of presentations I have ever seen at Arcada. For once everyone opened up about what they had done, and why, and I got to know a lot about what makes the others in the room tick.

At lunch time I had an emergency tutorial with a student who had bumped into a technical wall and could not go any further without help. At 15:00 I had an hour’s Skype tutorial with a student who is taking one of the courses entirely through distance learning. We got her back on track.

Now we are in Prisma doing our weekly shopping which, for some reason, has brought us to the electronics department. We are actually on our way to see the new XXL store that has opened upstairs. We will walk through it before wandering back through the televisions and down to the groceries.