Saturday, October 4

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Kiviportintie, 13:00


I am walking briskly through the cold towards Prisma to buy a few things for this evening. Over the other side of the Itäväylä I can see the building that is rising rapidly in the place where the bar once stood. The markings on the side make it look as though it has been wrapped, and remind me of Christo for a moment.

Later in the afternoon it will get cold and cosy, in a particularly autumnal way. Irna will light candles and we will both realise that the cosiness is making us miss Auo more than normal. Whatever normal means in this context. We will sit in the kitchen area preparing the food for dinner, and there won’t be enpough of us there.

The food will include some of Vikke’s fish from Pellinki. I will fall asleep in front of the television. Irma will stay awake until 3:00.