Wednesday, October 8

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The garden, 7:40


I am first up this morning. I am eating the Shredded Wheat that we bought in Birkenhead for breakfast, and liking them. They are wonderfully unsweet.

When I leave I walk round into the garden to see if the cat is there. It wanted to go out, but it hates wind and the noises that wind makes, and a storm is brewing. It isn’t there, but I do notice that the light is shining oddly on the autumn bushes that divide our garden from next door.

I will spend the morning listening to two lecturers from the University of Cincinnati talking about their placement system for their students. It is considerably more interesting than that description makes it sound.

I will spend the afternoon with the Advanced Web App students, who are now making Photoshop wireframes. As always, I will have to keep reminding some of them that they are supposed to be using a grid to design with. During the course of all this I will look ahead and realise that the css on this site, although it works, is very badly thought through. I will promise myself that I will redo it next week while the students make their own css files.

At 17:20 I will leave the building.