Friday, October 10

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Itäväylä, 7:30


Naa is at Kamppi so I get up early, eat my two Shredded Wheat and leave silently. It is misty outside and the light by the bus stop makes everything appear magical.

The bus will arrive late and full, and the metro will be running a four carriage train instead of the usual six. I will stand up all the way to the tram.

I will spend the first half of the morning writing comments about student thesis projects. I will send a paper to Lasse about Erik and my project, and then send a copy to Erik.

For lunch I will drink Bovril and eat crispbread and cheese. I will realise that I now have enough yogurt tops to get a free t-shirt.

In the afternoon I will read John Hopkins’ detailed critique and proof-reading of my thesis, and be extremely glad that he has taken the time to do this. I will mail him to tell him this.

In the evening I will spend thirty minutes crying; not for any specific reason and not triggered by anything specific, but just because, as autumn makes the outside dark and windy, and the house ocosy, I really, really miss Auo.