Wednesday, October 22

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Zetor, 16:00


It was freezing cold this morning: in fact, it was 2 degrees when I left home. Today I wore a very thick cardigan, and was merely chilly as I waited for the bus.

In the morning I had a long meeting with Thomas and Tomas about the course that the three of us will lead in January. It has always been a complex course to organise but this year all of us left the meeting feeling that we might finally have worked out a way to make it do what it is supposed to do, without giving undue preference to either film and television or online media.

Now I am in the centre to have a long discussion with Steve Bronack. We met under the clock at Stockmann because, on Monday, I pointed it out as a traditional meeting place. Steve suggested that we find somewhere where we could have a beer while we talked and I wondered where we could go that would not feature loud music and even louder regulars. Thinking quickly of amusing places to show him within walking distance, I hit upon the perfect solution: Zetor.

When we got there we were the only people in the entire place, except for a woman at the bar and a security guard reading a newspaper by the door. Now, an hour later, we are still the only people here. Steve loves the place and, empty like this, it is the perfect wacky meeting hall. There is no music, we are sitting at a large table in comfortable chairs, and wherever we look there are tractors or lifesize models of cows.

Steve and his colleagues are planning to eat at Kappeli tonight and we will leave in time for him to join them at their hotel at 17:30. By the time we part we will have made many plans and brought ourselves up to date on everything we have been doing. We will be planning to meet in Prague next summer, if not before. We will also have made other plans concerning iLRN, and aligning our two institutions.

I will be home shortly after 18:00.