Thursday, October 23

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Arabianranta, 8:10


This morning was the coldest morning of autumn so far. When I emerged from the metro there was hail falling heavily, and now I have got off the tram the hail is lying white on the ground mingled with the frost. It will remain there all morning.

At Arcada I will learn that my lunchtime meeting is actually two meetings and that the second one, the one that I really should attend, will start moments before my afternoon class. Ho hum.

In the afternoon most of the Advanced Web Apps group will present their final projects. Not all of them will fully work in the way that their creators intended, but I will accept them anyway. Everyone has taken their project well beyond what the course demanded and almost everyone has dived into Javascript without a safety net. I will be impressed by the amount of self-teaching that has happened within the groups.

At 17:00 I will meet Steve at his hotel and we will decide to go into the centre to meet the rest of the West Georgia team when they emerge from the conference. We will try to find somewhere quiet and I will remember the corner bar at Stockmann. Sure enough, we will be the only people there. Just as we sit down Steve will get an SMS message to say that the gang has left the conference and got a taxi straight back to the hotel where they have been told of an Italian restaurant called Villetta where they are heading.

Checking the address they have given Steve, I will realise that it is in Töölö so, after a suitable pause to drink the beer we have just bought, we will get the number 10 tram straight there. I will have a multi-cheese pizza which will be great.

On the way back we will pass the bowling alley where two of the group will disappear, leaving the rest of us to catch a tram tothe metro. I will be home by 22:00.