Tuesday, October 28

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Kiviportintie, 18:50


Naa and I left at 7:00 in the cold and dark, after Sunshine had persuaded us that it should leave first.

I spent the early part of the morning preparing two demonstrations for this week’s class. I also got a mail telling me that Casey, Jack and Denise’s son, had been born on the 21st, and that I was now officially a grandfather.

At 10:15 I began a class that ended about 17:15. It was the first part of the final block of Advanced Web Apps and the time when everyone has to convert their static example web sites into fully functional WordPress sites. It began slowly as I tried to find ways to explain to everyone what was required and in what order. Since everyone’s projects were very different this was a person-by-person exercise.

Having discovered that the final deadline was Christmas half the class left at lunchtime to put their heads in buckets of cold water. By the evening the remaining half were all well on their way to have working, and in some cases quite complex, sites up and running. I left with a massive headache, partly from thinking too much and partly from trying to read the code on people’s screens in the mad colour schemes they have set their text readers to.

Now, having finished the ironing, I have walked to Alepa to get cash for India. I have crossed the road for no reason at all and I am looking down towards Prisma. I am thinking that I am not looking forward to this trip at all. On the other hand, I am looking forward to this trip. I am not ambivalent about it though. More accurately, I think, I am not looking forward to some parts of this trip: parts that may never happen, of course.

I am not looking forward to processions of people lining up to tell me how sorry they are about our plight, and how Auo was wonderful and brought light to everyone’s lives, and how she is now an angel in heaven. This I could do without, not least because it often ends with me having to support the other person in their grief while feeling no inclination to do so.

I am looking forward to going back, seeing people and thanking them for what they did, and especially what they did when Irma was left alone there.