Thursday, October 30

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A306, Arcada, 14:20


Sunshine is not a cat of routine, at least not in the morning- Yesterday it worke me at 4:04 and wandered in and out after that waiting until I had to get up to let it out. Today it not only made no noise but it actually turned down the offer to leave the building. It sat on the stool it uses and looked out of the window until Naa and I left about 7:40.

I had planned today carefully during the week, adding and moving events until I was certain that everything that needed to be done before I left would get done. At 8:15 I revised it for the last time and set to. I set up the extra block for Advanced Web Apps; emailed everyone with the rules for this block, which amounted to “anyone who is unprepared will be asked to leave the room”; and posted a deteiled version of the final assignment.

Then I sent an email to the Zero Waste Project, because I have not had the reply I was expecting. I set up the exam questions for a student who is taking the book examination tomorrow. I renewed the domain name, and waited for Juhan to arrive with the credit card to renew By lunchtime he hasn’t turned up so I emailed him.

I spent the rest of the morning working with Tomas and Nathalie, by mouth and mail, to devise a workshop for a Pixelache event on the Friday that the girls go to Paris. The event will be a participatory workshop in which we will learn from failures. This is by way of a book launch for the Pixelache book Autopsy of an Island Currency.

After emailing Erik and importing a database for a student, I have stopped to have some porridge: the last of the savoury Indian Quaker Oats. Nothing has happened worth photgraphing and I am planning to do a comprehensive backup soon. I therefore start looking through my folders and find myself looking through old photographs. I come across this one, which was taken at Leo during the evening leading up to New Year. The image shows the Auo I remember from our last trip to Kerala. She has stopped looking like a child and is starting to look like the woman she should have become.

In a few minutes I will start backing everything up, because we are leaving for eight days in India at 17:30 because, in Irma’s perfect phrasing, we have to go again so that we can both leave properly.

I will finish my afternoon at Arcada with a discussion with Nathalie about cooperation with the University of West Georgia; a discussion with Tomas about working more closely with Pixelache (where he was apparently once a board member); and a lengthy attempt to move Julia’s distance learning experience forward. This is an experiment for both of us and I will spend time trying to make the final bit as easy for her as possible.

By the end of the afternoon, Juhan will have failed to appear, and at 16:00 I will leave for home. When I get there Sunshine will already be at Kammpi, and Naa will be waiting for Jana to arrive. I will make sure that I have everything I need in my bags before getting ready to join Irma for a ride to the airport.

The next phase of whatever our life has become is now apparently about to begin.