Friday, November 7

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Finnish Embassy, Delhi, 08:10


Eija wakes us up and gives us papaya and cold water. We are somewhere between groggy and still asleep. She calls us a taxi which is a standard Delhi taxi. The driver does know where the airport is, though.

We will have no problems with our luggage this time, and at 10:50 we will be seated and waiting for take-off. During the course of the flight I will watch two more episodes of Arrow, the pilot and one other episode of Almost Human, and one episode each of The Mentalist and Persons of Interest. Oddly the latter two will hinge upon different versions of exactly the same plot twist: at the very end the victim turns out to be the criminal mastermind behind the whole scheme.

Once we have landed we will both notice how grey and colourless Finland is compared to India. Everything from the grass and leaves to people’s clothes will seem to be pale and nearly monochrome.

We will get back, drop off the luggage, and then drive to Kamppi to collect Naa and Sunshine. It will be wonderful to see them again.