Saturday, November 8

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The garden, Helsinki, 13:00


I went to bed very early last night, if counted in Helsinki time, and slightly early counted in Indian time. I slept for fifteen hours and woke up feeling much better.

Irma drove to Prisma to get fresh vegetable for breakfast and I did some cleaning. Now, after eating, I am spending a couple of hours in the garden doing what might well be the last raking of autumn. The leaves are definitely painted in muted colours.

Later we will pack up the garden seat in its winter jacket. Irma and Naa will go out again, and at about 18:30 we will start preparing our traditional Saturday meal.

Coming back will really make Auo’s absence obvious again. More accurately it will bring it to the foreground again for a while. We will sitting talking about her fondly with sadness in our voices. Naa has bought tickets for One Direction to honour Auo’s wishes while we were away, and I will be going with her sometime next summer. They were Auo’s favourite band for the last eighteen months of her life.

So it goes.