Tuesday, November 11

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Kaiseniemi, 12:30


This morning Naa and I left at 7:30, in a thin, dark drizzle.

I completely replanned Real Time Web in the morning. I am due to get an extra fifteen students for this course as a direct result of last week’s sackings, and this means I will need to change what I do and the room I do it in. I wrote all the students an email and delayed the start of the course by one week.

I also renewed Screenfly.org with the help of Johan and the school credit card.

Now I am in the centre walking to the metro from Piano, where I have a lunchtime meeting about Omtänk. Piano is a nicer option than Arcada’s restaurant and the meeting achieved a lot very speedily. I will get back in time for the last fifteen minutes of a Nobanet meeting that I was double-booked for. I will learn everything I needed to know from that fifteen minutes.

At 16:00 I will walk to Pixelache for the monthly meeting. I will leave early because I have several matters to talk to Nathalie about before the meeting starts.