Wednesday, November 12

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Sörnäinen, 8:08


Naa had a late morning. Irma had a later one than me. The cat woke first and ensured that I woke second.

I am at Sörnainen waiting for a tram. I started the journey in pitch dark and dawn happened quickly while I was on the metro. I spent my time waiting for the bus having imaginary conversations in my head with Auo. They were the conversations that we would both have had if we had been standing in the cold waiting for the bus, but her replies didn’t surprise me as much as they should have done.

Today I will prepare a load of lists, and then rearrange the room for my rearranged Real Time Web course, which now has 19 students. I will prepare a budget for Nathalie, and a project proposal for Pixelache. I will finish the morning with a lengthy tutorial with Idamaija, who has now finished her thesis.

In the afternoon I will begin the process of assembling the members of Nobanet WP7 for a Skype video meeting next week. I will send out a list of possible dates and times and wait to see what happens. Anneli will reply within seconds, and we will be one step nearer. At 16:20 I shall look out of the window at the darkness and leave for home.