Thursday, November 13

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Prakticum, 12:30


Once again Naa’s school started late. Irma got up first and I leapt up at 7:30.

I started my working day by drawing up a budget for our online service needs for 2015 – 2016. This included an expanded subscription and the two domains hosted at HostMonster. I then had a two-hour Skype planning meeting with Erik in Odense in which we covered a lot of ground very quickly. He will now come to Helsinki in February rather than December, which turns out to suit Jutta and me better anyway.

Now I am at Prakicum for a lunch with Matteo. I am having a medium rare steak and Matteo is having a chicken risotto. We are discussing how we can combine the research areas that I am interested in with the MEDA project that Matteo has funds for. Within an hour we will have found several possible strategies that please us both. Today’s food is especially good: the student chefs have excelled themselves. I will leave contented bby the food and the discussion.

Afterwards there will be a meeting that I knew nothing about at which we will be shown plans for the future development of Arcada. We will be invited to increase our flexibility and thus increase our productivity, and we will be shown graphs that illustrate the happy position we will all find ourselves in if we do.

I will spend the rest of the afternoon preparing a final syllabus for next week’s all new and improved (and thoroughly flexible) Real Time Web course.