146 Word Biography

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Owen Kelly grew up in Birkenhead, worked in Brixton, and now lives in Helsinki.

He has worked in physical theatre and as a community artist, cultural consultant, computer trainer and web designer. He has written several books, chapters and reports including Community, Art & The State (1984), Culture & Democracy: the manifesto, with John Lock and Karen Merkel (1986), Digital Creativity (1995), Urban No-Mind (2012), and Ambient Learning and Self Authorship (2015).

He currently works as principal lecturer in online media at Arcada, a university of applied science. His research explores conviviality, dividuality and immersive simulation as tools to assist in the struggle for cultural democracy.

He acts as an active member of Pixelache, and you can find his personal web site at owenkelly.net. You can download his publications from DibDibDob.com, and you can uncover broad hints about the direction of this research at ConvivialMechanics.com.