Tuesday, November 18

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Itäkeskus Bus Station, 18:20


I got up first which caused a minor kerfuffle. I go to Arcada and prepared the day, somewhat in fear of what I was going to find in the morning session. With seconds to spare I raced into the classroom at 9:15 to be inundated with problems.

I spent from 9:15 to 12:45 in the first session of the extra bonus block of Advanced Web Apps. This session was for people who had almost finished their Wordpress theme but had tricky technical issues that they could not solve. By the end of the morning some people had tricky technical issues that I could not solve; but some of them had the answers they wanted.

At 13:15 I started the first session of Real Time Web. Due to the recent downsizing at Arcada this class has increased from 5 online media students to 21 students, 16 of whom are IT or Computing students. I had enough prepared to get me through but I had used my week’s material by the time we stopped at 17:15.

The tram service is now incomprehensible in terms of which trams are running where. The 8X bus seems to run along a route that does anything except mimic the route the 8 Tram takes. Now, eventally, I am at Itäakeskus waiting for a bus to arrive. The little sewing shop seems lit like a model. Whenever I notice it I am surprised that it still exists, and glad that it does. Irma has bought wool from there and Auo and I once went in because she had some kind of plan that never materialised. She was very impressed with its genuine old-fashioned atmosphere though.

I will get home with a splitting headache, as well as my continuing cough. When I arrive Irma will go out, and I will do the ironing.

Some time later Irma will arrive back with Naa, and we will go to bed at 21:15. Irma will stay up to do whatever people do when they stay up after 21:15.