Thursday, November 20

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Outside Lasipalatsi, 19:30


I was planning a surprise for this morning, but Irma had guessed what I was doing and so I improvised a gift-giving interaction just before Naa and I left. Today it is fifteen years since we first met. Given Auo’s death and the struggles we have had dealing with that I was no sure what to do about today, and what sort of card to get. In the end I decided to get one that was completely over-the-top and garish: a venticular picture of two dogs driving a car in dayglo colours. It was absolutely inappropriately jolly and that, I suppose, was the point.

Today the Advanced Web Apps group finished their WordPress themes. Some of them are genuinely excellent, and most of them are a lot more complex than the assignment specified. In the afternoon I split the Real Time Web session into groups of three to begin their major project. Their first task was to construct a list of questions for me to ask John at Pixelache later in the week.

The session finished early today so that I could race to Lasipalatsi to Kaupunkiverkas, where I was due to chair a discussion on failed projects. Ironically the discussion was a resounding success.

Now we have finished talking and I am outside in the bright colours, about to go home and share a glass of chardonnay with Irma. This is not the photograph that I intended taking but it seems suitable. Its a failure that nonetheless works on its on terms.