Saturday, November 22

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Vartiokyläntie, 9:35


Having gone to bed early it proved impossible to sleep late. The cat wanted to go out and I had had enough sleep. I decided to get my weekend shopping early, and now I am on my way to Prisma. It is extremely cold and windy, even though the snow looks fresh and deceptively pleasant.

The weather will be so cold that I will abandon my plans to go to the cinema and eat out. Instead I will wander around Prisma trying to find a pizza I can eat indoors. Mexicana it is then.

I will realise during this fun that my flu has got worse not better and, energy levels sinking, I will go back to bed when I get home.

I will see nobody, nor venture outside, for the rest of the day. It will either snow again or the wind will create highly convincing flurries from what is already on the ground. I will read the magazines that Kalle left for me, go online and then go offline again, and realise that I my flu might more accurately be described as “a chill of some kind”.

It will get dark about 16:00, after which it may as well be night. Sunshine will have refused to go out all day, having looked at the snow in the morning and walking straight back in.

I will fail to find anything to watch on television and return periodically to the online world before declaring today closed for business.