Monday, November 24

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Outside Arcada, 15:40


A change had taken place in the night. Much of the snow had disappeared and I had breakfast and then sat and worked for two or three hours. I needed to read two theses, and answer some mail and it was simpler to do it with the cat prowling around than in a busy building with students prowling around. As I finally left the house I could hear drainpipes gurgling with melted water.

I realised that I only had two meetings at Arcada and decided to leave my laptop at home. I sat through the meetings and now I am leaving for home slightly earlier to avoid trapping Sunshine at home for hours.

I will have some soup, tidy up a bit, put the dishwasher on, and read.

At about 20:00 the travellers will arrive back from Paris with bags of shopping. This will include a lot of cheese, several croissants and a variety of other French products. Irma will be irritated that I put the dishwasher on when logic dictates that it could not have been completely full. I will fail to offer a convincing defence and accept that my overkeeness to tidy up could be interpreted as stupidity.

Irma and Naa walked about ten kilometres every day in Paris. Everyone will be tired, and everyone will go to bed early – even Sunshine.