Tuesday, November 25

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A306, Arcada, 12:00


It felt as though Naa and Irma had been away weeks, even though it was only four days. I got up after Irma and well before Naa, and had to remember what my routine was. It was drizzling unpleasantly when I left the house.

I spent the morning trying to get a demo for this afternoon’s session to work. I spent some of it on the phone to John from Pixelache to see if I needed to attend the meeting this morning. Since it appeared that the meeting was going to be John on his own typing, I had a lengthy phone call with him instead.

Now I have stopped for lunch and I am looking at a can that Nathalie gave me last week. It is an example of vernacular crafts, and she was reminded of it when I showed her the Bag Tree bags. Cans like this are the basis of a cottage industry in some parts of South Africa apparently.

This afternoon I will have the first session of Block 2 of the Real Time Web course and I will spend it trying to make sure that everyone is aware of the time constraints and that everyone understands that they need to request sessions in what they need to know. This is a high risk strategy that may leave me improvising classes in the last few sessions. We shall see.