Saturday, November 29

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Garden, 13:00


Today we got up wonderfully late. I had been dreaming that we had made our fortunes by inventing and marketing Sentence Extensions. Originally these had been a pack of cards but later we expanded them to include a Sentence Extensions App and a Make Your Own Sentence Extensions book and game.

The original pack of cards each contained a sentence extension such as “if its still there” or “before the other side gets organised”. The owners could use these to extend sentences that they felt were too short or too predictable by shuffling the pack and reading the top card. Thus a dull sentence such as “Its time to go now” could be extended into “Its time to go now before the opposition gets organised”. When a whole group, each with their own Sentence Extensions pack, had a conversation topics could gain a whole new level of profundity through their unpredictability and sudden swerves.

Last night it attempted to snow and now, after breakfast, I am placing the roses that we got for our anniversary on top of the open pile where we put the dead flowers, leaves and branches until they eventually turn into soil.

Later we will buy two lamps, one to go by Irma’s bedside and one for her toilet. I will put them up before we start making our Saturday dinner. Naa will join us.