Sunday, November 30

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Goteburg, 21:00


Yesterday Naa had spent much of the day doing work for her journalism course and today she left in the morning to continue what they have been doing. Irma and I went to Prisma and then she drove me to the airport.

I was supposed to join Eija and Christa and catch the 19:15 flight to Goteburg, but the flight was delayed by forty minutes. By the time we boarded our party consisted of Eija, Christa, Vaimo and me from Arcada, along with Eniken, Marit and Anneli from Tallinn.

When we got to Goteburg the Estonians disappeared to rent a car and drive to Jönköping. The people from ARcada got a taxi to the Scandic Europa in the centre of the city. We were driven by a taxi driver who insisted in talking non-stop in Finnish, Swedish and Russian to show off his language skills and unnecessary sense of prehistoric humour.

Now we have met Rasa who arrived this morning and we have walked 200 metres to the train station that looks like something from a children’s story book. We are going to purchase our tickets for the 9:00 train tomorrow to simplify the morning.

I will go back and look for Erik, who has not checked in. At 22:45, just as my head hits the pillow he will message me to say that he has arrived. I will message back to say we will meet at breakfast and fall asleep.