Monday, December 1

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Jönköping University, 14:00


At 8:00 I was sitting in the lounge of the Scandic Hotel having a very nice buffet breakfast with Christa. Ten minutes later I was sitting with Christa, Erik and Eija. An hour later Erik and I were having an intense meeting on a train to Jönköping.

The train stopped at Fålköping where we changed. Fortunately the station was so small that the change from platform 2 to platform 1B took thirty seconds. We arrived in time to check into the Comfort Hotel before walking two hundred metres to the university.

Now we are at the university in Jönköping where Ebba has greeted us and handed out our lunch tickets. We have all had lunch and most of us had meatballs with cheesy pasta. I have a julmust to drink, and liked it.

We are in the orangery, looking around before starting the meeting. The meeting will cover a lot of ground and I will show my Powerpoint presentation: a set of bar charts derived from the questionnaire that Susanne organised six weeks ago.

At 19:00 we will walk to NEO, the newest restaurant in town. We will have a starter that consist of plates of ham and cheese and salads in the centre of the table. They will be refilled for an hour or so before being removed for the main course. This will be ox cheeks and mashed potato. After that we will have handmade ice-creams.

Everyone will wobble slowly back to the hotel. We will say goodnight to each other at about 21:30 and I will be in bed and almost asleep by 22:15.