Tuesday, December 2

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Somewhere in Jönköping, 13:30


I was so full from yesterday’s meal that I skipped breakfast. Instead I showered and answered emails.

The morning was a long session looking at some of the central issues facing Nobanet. Now, after a lunch that consisted of a great fish stew, I have left the building. I am having a brief walk around the (small) city centre in the daylight. The town is small and very Swedish. It looks like a film set of Swedishness.

In the afternoon we will have team meetings and the e-learning team, which I chair, will have an action.packed meeting that decides a lot of things in a very short time. I will go back to the hotel to write some of it up.

In the evening we will go to the oldest restaurant in town for a traditional Swedish Christmas smörgåsbord. The waitress will tell us that we are expected to take seven plates of food, or eight if we are hungry. I can testify to the damage several kilos of herrings can do to a man’s digestive system.

We will return (slowly) to the hotel by 21:00 and everyone will go to bed, and everyone will be bulbous.