Thursday, December 4

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Arabia, 14:00


Naa and I left home together and she showed me the gloves that Samppo had bought them. They are in three parts: two normal gloves for the outer hands and a special sack-glove for two people that enables them to hold hands in the cold. I laughed and was both amused, impressed and happy that Naa was happy.

I spent the morning with Jutta planning next year, which we did very quickly and efficiently. Then we went to Dylan because Nathalie was holding a lunchtime meeting there to discuss team cooperation. Now we are walking back and Tomas is explaining all the sights to Nathalie.

Jutta and I will carry on in the afternoon, until we leave for our respective homes.

In the evening Naa will be at Kamppi, Irma will go to Stockmann and I will clean and iron. Later we will have a glass of wine and a long talk that includes a brief argument but ends well. I will realise how good Irma and I are together.