Friday, December 5

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Kalasatama, 14:00


I spent the morning planning until 11:00 when I chaired two thesis seminars. Both went well.

Then I raced to Pixelache for a hurried meeting with Nathalie. I gave her my invoices and my Delhi air tickets. Then we discussed a fallback position in case we don’t get the KEPA grant. She is desperately trying to get everything done before she retires from Pixelache at Christmas, and is having hundreds of five minute micro meetings. Mine was one of them.

Now I am walking back to Arcada. I am looking at the power station in the winter light. The promised fog has arrived.

Later I will have an online tutorial and a meeting with Lasse in which he will agree to fund me attending a conference in Hanover in February as part of the Transmedia course development.

Naa will have left for Roosa’s by the time I get home. They are having a private pikkujoulu with Emilia. Irma and I will both have headaches, and we will go to bed early and be asleep before our eyes are closed.

No late night movies for us today.