Monday, December 15

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Arabianranta, 12:30


This morning Naa and I watched a 97V forget to turn left by Plantagen and carry on down Itäväylä towards Itäkeskus. We waved but it didn’t stop for us. Instead it did a very clumsy u-turn a few hundred metres down the road by the gas station, almost causing a collision. The rest of the journey was the same as usual.

Jutta was back at work, and I spent the morning preparing a variety of uninteresting activities. I also read Nicke’s thesis which I have to oppose tomorrow.

Now I have put my shoes and jacket on and left the building to get some things to turn into lunch. The sky is a uniform light grey; looking a lot like the prelude to a snowstorm. I will get cheese, nakkileipa, tomatoes and a Kismet.

We will have a team meeting in which I will talk briefly about the online course that Erik and I are developing. As soon as the meeting finishes I will get an email from Lasse telling me that there are problems with the funding and the trip that I said Erik will be making to Arcada in February will no longer happen; and neither will my trip in March to Odense. This poses huge difficulties, since the filming and final development will be very difficult unless we are in the same place. It will feel like a roadblock in Amazing Race, without the amazing part.

At home Irma will be feeling very low. Naa will arrive home about 20:00 from her journalism pukkujoulu. I will iron everything except the sheets and then have a shower. The cat will miaow.