Tuesday, December 16

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A306, 12:40


Naa and I left at 7:30 and I reread Nicke’s MA thesis on the bus.

At Arcada I spent the first part of the morning working through examples to try to answer the questions I expected this afternoon. I also emailed Sara to ask if I had booked for the Arcada Christmas party. I hadn’t but just as she emailed me back someone cancelled and she sent a second email saying that I was now expected. Jutta and I had a lengthy Skype meeting to plan changes in the rooms for next period.

At 11:00 I acted as the examiner for Nicke’s thesis. It was a lengthy and interesting session, attended by an unusual number of staff.

Now I am having a lunch of cheese and rye bread, and looking at the three plaques Tomas has by his desk. They commemorate a conference he part-organised about micronations, a topic that has interested me for decades – ever since I first discovered Sealand.

I will spend the afternoon with the Real Time Web groups who will ask me a lot less questions than I expected, for which I will be grateful. While there I will think through a possible method of revamping this site to use the Wordpress media gallery, instead of the custom-made functions that I wrote and that greatly complicate the process of making the site fully responsive.

At one point I will leave for fifteen minutes to see if I can get an Erasmus grant to get me to Odense in Spring. It will turn out that I can. I will email Erik to tell him and ask him to try to do the same at his end.

I will get home just before 18:00 and Irma and Naa will leave on a Mysterious Adventure. They will return hours later with two carpets and a chest of drawers that needs assembling – from Jysk! As usual the instructions will make little sense but, since it is a small and relatively simple item, I will find it an interesting puzzle.

Once assembled it will fit the space Irma has designated for it perfectly. Now that I know how to make it, I think I might want a matching one on my side of the bed…