Saturday, December 20

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Rohdinkuja, 15:20


Naa had her final day of school this morning and so she got up and left before we did. We had a late and leisurely breakfast, after which I went for a walk. Later I went for a cycle ride: the first time I can remember cycling in Finland in December.

In the afternoon it started snowing. Irma left to see Hannu and I got the snow-blade down from the shed. Tommy and I were both outside sweeping the snow away before it froze into sharp lumps overnight.

I drag the snow into the woods and pause, before going in to admire the snow-covered berries. They should have gone by now. Instead they are providing an impromptu Christmas decoration.

In the evening Naa will go with Samppo to his brother’s apartment where he will cook a dinner with a menu and a choice of dishes. Apparently he likes cooking.

Irma will make a fish dinner and then she and I will watch television and talk until late.