Sunday, December 21

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Vartiokyläntie, 12:50


Irma and I have another late breakfast and I go for a winter walk. I am walking down Vartiokylantie to see what the snowy world looks like. It is so hushed and quiet that I will keep walking, turning right at the church and then going through the little roads to the park and the children’s swings. As I pass I will notice two girls swinging in the snow.

Irma will go shopping and then go to deliver a present to Niilia. Naa will arrive home in Samppo’s car.

In the evening I will put up some outdoor lamps that Irma bought in the afternoon. This will be an adventure of ladder-climbing in the ice in the dark. Nails will be dropped and lost, but the lamps will twinkle brightly before we go back indoors.