Monday, December 22

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Sörnäinen, 9:40


Irma is working at home today so Naa and I left for Arcada at 9:00. Naa stayed on the metro to go to Kamppi to do some shopping for her grandparents. I got off at Sörnäinen. The winter light is bouncing off the snow and the weather is several degrees below freezing.

Jutta and Tommy will be there supervising the final thesis presentation of the year.

Naa will join me at about 10:30 and at 12:00 we will leave for China Flavour, where we will both have an enormous buffet. I had remembered correctly: Monday is the day that they have hot and sour soup as part of the buffet.

After lunch we will return to Arcada. Naa will realise at 14:00 that she could do with a library book for her school work. WE will look in Helmet amd then she will leave to see if she can get it. I will back everything up that needs backing up, answer the few remaining e,ails, wrap my final parcels, say goodbye to Liisa, Tomas and Tommy, and leave for a holiday-