Monday, January 5

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Jokikatu, Borgå, 14:00


Today we have driven to Borgå for a day out. The weather is cold but not windy. We have started by walking through the old town, where about half the shops are open. We look through most of them.

Once we have finished here we will walk back to move the car and then walk into the centre to look at Sokos. Irma will be outraged to discover that it is closed for stock-taking. We will still find Naa a winter jacket at Seppälä.

We will stop at Prisma on the way home for some food for tonight’s meal. We will decide that this should involve wine, since tomorrow is a public holiday, and so it does.

We will have an evening in which everyone sits round helping with the cooking, if only be sitting round. The food which involves some of Camilla’s lamb will, of course, be delicious when it is done.