Friday, January 9

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Sörnäinen metro station, 16:45


Yesterday the students were asked to define their topic or area of interest, and this morning’s session began with each group explaining their topic to everyone. This took about ninety minutes.

After this Tomas had to go to do something else and I led the next part in which I refered back to the Human Centred Design handbook and explained that each group would now turn their topic into a specific design challenge, after which they would work out what they already knew about the subject and what they needed to find out. They would then draw up a list of specific people they intended to speak with to fill in the gaps in their knowledge.

The design challenge was the focus of their first working lunch, and I spent the afternoon acting like a consultant, as groups approached me with problems. By the end of the day every group had a design challenge that seemed feasible, and every group had made arrangement to do the other two tasks by Monday lunchtime, when Tomas will lead the next stage.

Now I am waiting at Sörnäinen metro station on my way home. In the evening we will go to Prisma, come home, and spend a long time talking, until late in the night; some of the time about Auo and some of the time about other things entirely.

At some point during this I will purchase Photoshop Touch which should complete my mobile workflow.