Sunday, January 11

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Garden, 15:45


It snowed very heavily all night and when we got up there was more snow than we have seen all winter. Sunshine refused to go out.

After breakfast I spent almost three hours clearing it from the drive, and making paths to the wood shed, the compost, and the door where the district heating is.

Part of the reason that it took so long was because there was a lot of snow. The other reason was that I kept to my decision to drag all the snow into the woods rather than making piles in the garden. This has the supposed advantage of avoiding the garden flooding in Spring. We shall see in a month or two whether this proves to be true or not.

Now I have finished and I notice that one of the lamps has long icicles.

Soon Irma will return from a visit to Hannu, having bought flowers at Prisma, where she met Jyrki and Aron. We will eat the rest of the upside down Shepherd’s pie and at 20:04 Irma will point out that it has started snowing again.

Irma will book us a trip to Liverpool in September and then we will all go to bed early.