Saturday, January 17

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Kitchen, 13:30


This week’s work must have tired me out more than I realised because last night, after a few glasses of wine, I fell asleep on the sofa. This morning, to compensate, we all got up late.

Before breakfast I went for a very brisk walk to Prisma, and then past Plantagen to the gas station and back home. I did my 5BX exercises, showered, and joined Irma and Naa for breakfast.

Now I have noticed the chocolate Irma brought home yesterday: Marabou with embedded Tuc biscuits. Sometimes Finland has the oddest stuff to eat and drink. I try to remind Irma of the summer when Hartwall thought that strong chilli-flavoured Upsider was a good idea. I think I was the only person who agreed. Irma has no idea what I am talking about.

Later Irma will take Naa to the metro. She will be on her way to see Paddington, the movie, with Samppo: a date that will also include a meal. Irma will then go shopping for food for tonight’s adult-only meal. I will stay home with Sunshine, who will insist on going out as soon as the women leave.

I will take the opportunity to vacuum clean the house.