Answers in Genesis, official!

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POSTED: May 4, 2006

In Petersburg, Kentucky, USA, just 4 miles west of the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati International Airport, a Creation Museum is being built. This walk through history museum will, it says, “be a wonderful alternative to the evolutionary natural history museums that are turning countless minds against the gospel of Christ and the authority of the scripture”.

You can find out more about this timely event at the Answers In Genesis web site. There are construction photos and information on how you can become a charter member.

This may or may not be connected to the forthcoming All-Kansas Summer Circus which is due to start soon, according to Carey Gillam of Reuters:

The Kansas Board of Education has scheduled six days of courtroom-style hearings to begin on Thursday in the capitol Topeka. More than two dozen witnesses will give testimony and be subject to cross-examination, with the majority expected to argue against teaching evolution.

“I feel like I’m in a time warp here,” said Topeka attorney Pedro Irigonegaray who has agreed to defend evolution as valid science. “To debate evolution is similar to debating whether the Earth is round. It is an absurd proposition.”

Absurdity is just a matter of opinion, of course. I expect that none of this would seem absurd to our old friend Hal Lindsey for example.