Wednesday, January 21

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Itävylä, 17:20


Naa had an early start so we both got up at 7:00 and left at 7:25. The weather was very cold – minus ten apparently – my ears were frozen and the bus was ten minutes late.

The morning was spent listening to the final presentations from the ten groups from the Innovations & Concepts group. They each made a five minute pitch to a panel of judges including the head of interactive media from YLE.

Everybody had made extraordinary efforts in the time available and nobody disgraced themselves. Tomas, Nathalie and I were very happy indeed.

We celebrated by taking Thomas Lindy from YLE to lunch at Prakticum, where the food was even better than usual. The rotselleri (celeriac) soup was amazing.

In the afternoon Tomas and I assessed the presentations, and then Jutta, Monica and I had a tutorial with a first year student who aims to complete her studies in three, rather than four, years. I did my weekly back-up session early and left.

Now I am walking home from the bus stop. Underneath much of the snow lies glass-like ice. I have seen three people fall over today.

I will get home, walk to Alepa for milk, empty the logs out of the car, and pack my suitcase. Everything will fit in my hand luggage which, technically, will weigh 0.1 kilos too much.

Naa will arrive home from her journalism course at 20:00. She will find us watching Prasanth’s uploaded videos and photos of the Run, Kerala, Run event.

We will be wishing we were there.