Friday, January 23

YEAR:  2015 | Tags:  | |

Streatham Hill Station, 12:30


Luke and I woke up about 8:00. I had slept deeply the whole night. He went for a 10km run and I had a leisurely bath.

After breakfast we left the flat. Luke left for work and I walked for fifteen minutes to the Tesco Extra where the ice rink used to be. I bought the kind of groceries you cannot buy in Helsinki.

Now I am at the local railway station, on my way to see Mark for the first time in almost a decade. I will discover how lost you can get if you turn right instead of left while standing outside the wrong station.

We will spend hours catching up, and then we will leave Mark’s flat, where he has lived temporarily for 31 years. We will get to Luke’s place in less than half the time the earlier journey took me. On the way we will discuss consciousness, my thesis, Mark’s Three Stooges project, and Stewart Home.

Luke will make us a vegetarian Thai meal, based on the cookery courses he took in Chiang Mai, and it will be delicious. When Mark leaves for home we will carry on discussing the Airborne project till the early hours of the morning.

I will demonstrate an iPad app that turns speech into text. I will wonder about how it deals with accents. I will say something in a rather bad impression of an Irish accent. It will type away.

“Oh hello do you do evaluation all right to guess yourself,” it will say. Oh, how we will laugh.