Monday, January 26

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Herttoniemi, 16:00


This morning Naa and I got up at 8:30 and left after Irma. I got to Arcada seconds before my meeting with the fourth year students began. I spent an hour with them explaining how Omtänk will work this year. They were supposed to be taking notes and asking questions so that, later, they could turn what I said into a job spec.

At 11:00 I sat in on a planning meeting for a new MA in media production that may or may not be going to happen. As the meeting progressed it became less clear what the MA was about and who it was aimed at. When we had made efforts to sort these issues out it was not at all the same proposal we had entered the room to discuss. Some of us left the room puzzled.

The team meeting in the afternoon began around lunch, because it seems that we have to eat and talk to fit all the required talking into our timetables. I spoke about MOOCs and about Omtänk.

Now I am at Herttoniemi on my way to Mari’s apartment to talk with her about the possibility of developing an app for one of her bio-art projects. We will talk about cool roofs, and the use of reflective materials in forests. I am very interesting in the ideas but uncertain that an app is the best way to go.

When I get home, I will talk with Irma and remove the stuck sock from the vacuum cleaner. Naa will arrive back from her journalism course. I will begin reading the biography of Philip K Dick that Mark gave me as a Christmas present.

I will pause briefly to investigate the Cool Roofs Rating Council, the way you do.