Wednesday, January 28

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97 bus at Itäkeskus, 17:15


Naa had an early start, so I had one with her. I experimented with a different bus from Sörnäinen, and realised that I have a much wider choice than I had thought.

I spent most of the morning in a very lengthy MA tutorial, and we finished with a rapid plan for what could turn out to be a more-than-excellent thesis. At the end Anne announced that she will now leave on Sunday to Viet Nam to spend two months writing it.

At lunchtime I walked with Jutta to Arabia mall where I went to Tarjustalo to buy a plastic plate for my home-made salad, and returned excitedly with the news that it was being upgraded into a Tockmanni. Jutta told me that Tarjustalo, Tockmanni and Robin Hood are all owned by the same company.

I felt newly educated as I prepared and ate my salad.

I spent the early part of the afternoon planning a social game project, and the later part experimenting with incorporating backbone.js into WordPress, which I suspect I will have to do in a demo I am giving tomorrow. We could safely say that it went well but not that well.

Finally I emailed everyone in the Nobanet e-learning working party about Friday’s meeting. Will there be a meeting, I asked.

Will there be? We shall see.

Now I am on the bus waiting to go home. This is the bus after the bus I wanted to get because the aspects of transport failed to align properly today. The tram was delayed by a tribe of ticket inspectors who held it up at Vallila until the only ticketless passenger had coughed up his details.

Naa will return from her journalism course and start revising for her exams next week. I will shower.