Thursday, January 29

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Home, 19:45


Naa had an early start for the second day in a row, so I had another one with her.

The day was a series of rapid-fire meetings and one, genuinely interesting, problem that took all the time that I had left over.

I met Robert and Tommy about Omtänk. I met Liisa and Tommy about Egilgala. I talked with Jutta and Johnny about my problem, and they both said they would be delighted to know how I solved it. I met Erik on Skype to talk about his schedule when he arrives in a couple of weeks time.

I had numerous conversations with Idamaija on Skype, and by phone and by email, about the reference I was writing for her that she needed RIGHT NOW! I added impatience to my description of her qualities.

At 15:30 I met Julia to discuss The Problem. She has asked for help with a project she is doing for a client in Vasa. She has built an excellent website using bootstrap.js, but it has one page that needs to be changed every week, and the client wants to change it himself.

Her question: “should I convert it to Wordpress so he can change the content without writing html?” My answer: “please don’t. There must be another way”. Johnny and Jutta, in the background: “and what exactly would that be then?”

By the time we met I had, to my delight, figured out a potential solution, and its name was Unify. It is a server-based library that will convert areas of a web page into editable boxes on production of a password. This will probably not be the whole solution but it might be at least 90% of it.

We made a timetable, because she has a final presentation of the design next week in Vasa. I promised that I would oversee the implementation of this solution when it is time to do it. I am genuinely interested. What’s more: if it works then it will be a key tool for a lot of future sites.

As soon I got home Irma left for Jana’s where she had been invited to tea. I played with the cat, cleaned the corners where dust gathers, and vacuum-cleaned. Now I am looking at a bowl of candles, having moved them off a shelf and onto the floor during the lengthy dusting fandango.

Soon I will put them back on the shelf and relax with a quick game of iCycle, my favourite game since I downloaded it over Christmas.

I am currently trying to complete Level 20.